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The X11 Soccer Performance Headband by SYZMIK is designed to mitigate potential impact forces in practices and games while also featuring a directional front touch-pad for added performance and protection when players choose to *head the ball.



1. Measure Twice

2. If the measurement is close to two sizes; size down, not up

Specifications / Features

- Low Profile / High Performance:  At only 6mm thick (in padded zones) the X11 is the lowest profile soccer headgear to receive a Virginia Tech Safety Rating.

Ultra Lightweight / New Material Science:  Lightweight at approx. 69g / 2.4oz, multi-layered system designed to mitigate impact forces during practice and games.

Directional Performance / Front Padding:  Directional front touch-pad for added protection and performance when players choose to *head the ball.

*Players should always follow ‘header’ safety guidelines.

Why We Made The X11

Soccer is now known to be one of the top 5 sports reporting the most concussions in athletes.  As a result more players are choosing to wear a protective headband.  In addition, an increasing number of coaches, parents and associations are strongly recommending players (youth to adult) start protecting themselves against potential concussion and brain injury events.

The SYZMIK team designed and manufactured the X11 performance headband after consulting with players and coaches to understand the needs and wants of the athletes.  

The NEED: to add a layer of protection against potential head and brain injury events including concussion.

The WANT: to wear a comfortable, low profile, high performing and great looking protective headband.

The X11 protective headband is designed to help with incidental head impacts (both linear and rotational) and combines a 5 star rating by Virginia Tech with world class construction and an impressive look.

The X11 has elevated the protective headband market to a totally new level in materials, construction and design.

Each X11 is assembled using ultrasonic welding to bond the patented materials via heat generated from high-frequency mechanical motion.  This complex process means unlike the headbands that are available from other brands, that are textile based with stitching, the X11 has no stitching resulting in a super strong bond that is built to last for many seasons of use.

A correctly fitted X11 will provide a precision fit enabling the inner anti-slip stripes to keep the headband in the perfect position during use.  X11’s inner comfort liner offers a breathable, sweat wicking interior.

Designed For Sports

- Soccer