What It Is

CAVEMAN is a high-fidelity computational model of the human body with the geometric detail and accuracy needed to predict the outcomes of extreme loading events on the human anatomy. The CAVEMAN model was developed at Corvid within the Velodyne modeling framework for mounted crew injury assessment when exposed to underbody blast events for the U.S. Marine Corps.  

Why We Do It

SYZMIK utilizes the Caveman Simulations during our product design and development to better understand the efficacy of every product. We want to ensure every product that we bring to market is game changing!

The SYZMIK Difference

A world first virtual simulation for football utilizing real-life brains, deriving from MRI scans, of NCAA Division 1 athletes to analyze head impact events and measure brain strain with and without the use of the X7 Soft Shell Headgear. The results are amazing with up to 78% less brain strain when athletes wear the X7! This virtual simulation was produced in collaboration with Corvid Technologies.

Inside the Virtual Lab