SYZMIK is a brand of AES R&D LLC.  Since 2015 AES has operated behind the scenes as a leader of innovation in sports 'head health' for player performance and safety.  AES's concepts and products are known to be news worthy in the industry and have been reported on networks including Discovery Channel, FOX Business and Bloomberg.  AES's original concept, the ARK ONE helmet (to be released 2024), won the coveted NFL Head Health Tech Challenge in 2018 as one of the most innovative full contact helmets ever designed.  

In 2022 AES launched SYZMIK, a new brand to host the 'X Series Headgear' range of products including the transformational X7 Soft Shell Headgear.

The team behind SYZMIK bring their innovation, design, manufacturing and product development expertise from brands including Under Armour, Garmin, Vicis, Xenith, Biocore and the NFL.  The result is the game-changing X Series Headgear range.

Our team is committed to pushing the limits of materials, science, engineering and design to create products that add 5 star protection, provide superior comfort and flawless design for athletes to 'Compete All In'.