Correctly sized headgear is essential for performance and enhanced safety.  Please follow the guide below to ensure your SYZMIK headgear is the correct size.  

1. In order to get an accurate measurement of your head, you can use a measuring tape or a string & ruler. 

2. For the most affective measurement, style hair as you would for a game or practice. 

3. When measuring for headgear size the measurement should be taken 1 inch above the eyebrow and around the circumference of the head as shown in the image below.  

4. Take the length of string or measuring tape above your ear (1 inch above), wrap it all the way around your head until you meet back at the starting point. 

Helpful Tip: Don't pull the string or measuring tape too tight!

5. Once you meet back at your starting point, carefully hold on to your end point and then:

If using string ruler - Mark the end point on the string, place string down on a flat surface and use ruler to measure. 

If using measuring tape - Write down end point number for future reference.

6. Once you have the circumference number, go to the corresponding sizing chart for the product desired it below.

7. If you are between sizes, select the smaller size.

Sizing Charts

X7 Headgear

X7c & X11 Headbands

Tips & Tricks

1. Measure Twice

After the first measurement, write down the circumference in both centimeters and inches. Then measure again. If you get the same measurement a second time, then that is your number!

If the numbers come out differently than the first time, measure a third time. The goal is to get the same numbers every time so you can be confident you're buying the right size.

2. Size Down, Not Up (For Headbands)

If you measure your head and the measurement comes out at the high end of a size range or at the very bottom of a size range, it's a good idea to utilize the smaller size instead of the larger. 

Sizing up may result in headgear that's too loose. It's important for the headgear to fit securely, but there's a difference between a secure fit and a fit that leaves you uncomfortable.