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Specifications / Features

WIND TUNNEL DESIGN: Patented design simulates a high performing wind tunnel to increase air flow up to 20%.

IMPACT DAMPENING SHIELD:  Bonded layer of impact dampening material

- INNOVATIVE MATERIAL: Provides impressive comfort and impact dampening. Material is latex and BPA free.

- NO BOILING REQUIRED: Allows the athlete an instant fit and even provides a great fit for braces. 

Why We Made The X0


Our latest creation, a cutting-edge lip guard, goes beyond convention by integrating innovative materials and a unique wind tunnel design feature, setting new benchmarks for player safety and comfort.

Innovative Materials

Breaking away from tradition, our lip guard embraces advanced polymers and composites. These materials not only enhance impact resistance but also ensure a lightweight, form-fitting design for unparalleled comfort and durability. Athletes can now wear the guard for extended periods without compromising on performance.

Wind Tunnel Design Feature

Understanding the importance of aerodynamics in sports, our design team introduced a wind tunnel feature. This not only minimizes air resistance but also optimizes airflow around the mouth, allowing for unrestricted breathing and clear communication. The result is a lip guard that seamlessly integrates with the athlete's experience.


Our lip guard, born from the fusion of innovative materials and a wind tunnel design feature, redefines safety and performance. Athletes no longer need to choose between the two; our groundbreaking design ensures they can excel on the field with confidence in their protection. As we push the boundaries of sports equipment, our commitment remains steadfast — to provide athletes with tools that empower them to reach new heights in safety and performance.

Designed For Sports

Can be used in any sport that requires a mouthguard. Approved for all ages. This product is OSFM (One Size Fits Most).