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The X7 Soft Shell Headgear by SYZMIK is the first soft shell helmet to provide a custom-fit padding system, while also offering superior comfort, an iconic design, and a great playing experience. The multi-layered system is designed to mitigate potential impact forces and incidental contact experienced during play. 


Specifications / Features


- Patented Advanced Material Science Optimized to Mitigate Impact Events.

- Maximized Ventilation for Advanced Heat Dissipation.

- Ear Vents Enabling Athletes to Hear Clearly.

- Super Light Weight Shell at approx. 8oz / 230g.


- Quad Fit System:  4 Interchangeable Inner Pads to Achieve the Perfect Fit Giving Superior Comfort and Protection.

- Widest Field of View.

- Antimicrobial Materials.

- Dual Fit Chin-Strap System.

Why We Made The X7

As a company we recognize the explosive growth of Flag Football, 7v7 Football and the increasing demand for new, better designed, innovative soft shell football helmets from youth players to the NFL’s professional athletes.

Patented materials ensure the X7 is unique in its performance in every way.  The X7 is a Virginia Tech 5 star rated soft shell helmet for football designed to reduce linear and rotational forces.

In addition to providing superior head protection the X7 boasts many other benefits, features and advantages over the other soft shell football helmets available to athletes. 


Looking good is a high priority for most athletes! The overwhelming feedback from athletes confirms the X7 passes the ‘mirror test’ with flying colors!  The innovative, sleek, fast looking design of the X7 gives athletes and teams a soft shell headgear that is empowering and exciting to wear.  Throughout the design process we worked with athletes from youth to professional to ensure the X7 was going to be a soft shell headgear that everybody would want to wear. 


Combining super light weight with a 5 star safety rating isn’t easy!  The X7 soft shell headgear is super light weight.  Weighing in at approximately 250 grams the X7 leads the soft shell helmet market in weight v’s performance ratio.


Preventing athletes from over heating is essential to athletic performance and health.  Approximately 20% of the X7 shell is dedicated to ventilation.  The abundant air flow athletes experience when training and competing in the X7 is unique in the soft shell helmet market. 


Athletes told us that ‘seeing everything in football is key’!  The X7 has been designed with a maximum field of view to ensure athletes have no blind spots.  Once the X7 soft shell headgear is correctly fitted on an athlete’s head there are no visual limitations.


Hearing other team members, coaches and officials is critical to athletes.  The X7 is unique as a soft shell helmet due to its minimal ear coverage while still providing 5 star rated protection to the area.  


Our research with athletes that wear soft shell headgear for football told us that ‘other’ full coverage headgears on the market that are textile based become ‘heavy’ and ‘uncomfortable’ with perspiration and/or wet weather conditions.  The X7 does not absorb moisture and as an athlete sweats or plays in wet weather.  


Clean is king!  Wearing the same soft shell helmet for football practice and games multiple times per week can result in the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria.  Textile based helmets that hold sweat and grime can be breeding grounds for bacteria resulting in dirty, stinky and potentially harmful headgear.  The X7 antimicrobial material results in a more sanitary headgear for athletes.  Cleaning the X7 by wiping it over with an antibacterial wipe or a mild soapy solution takes seconds.

We made the X7 Soft Shell Headgear so athletes finally have access to a truly world class soft shell helmet.

Designed For Sports

- Flag Football

- 7x7

- Non-Contacted Football Practice

- Rugby

- Cheerleading